Charity Program

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Donation Presentation January 2017
Charity Program

One of the primary purposes of the club is to raise money for the many diverse charities that service the community here on Curaçao.

While incremental funds are raised through the monthly raffle draws, our key activity for fundraising is the Britannic Club Pub Quiz, which attracts around 300 participants each year.

From the funds raised, the club disperses money to a wide variety of well deserving local charities to support them through the year. Many of these charities do not receive government funding, so these donations are especially appreciated.

Each year the chosen charities receive an invitation to attend a presentation at the club, where they will receive their donation. At these presentations each charity talks a little about how they help the community and also how the funds will be utilised.

The club also takes an active interest in the charities they support, visiting each charity personally to follow up on activities and to identify new needs they might have. Keep updated with our visiting schedule by following us on our facebook page Britannic Club of Curacao.


2017 Participating Charities

Following is a list of charities participating in the 2017 program:




Kinderoorden Brakkeput

This is a home for boys who, for various reasons, cannot live with their families at home.

They house them and see to their education at the local schools. The boys must learn how to take care of themselves, to cook, to clean and to work.


Stichting Dierenbescherming

This is the animal shelter, founded 66 years ago. They are always in need of supplies, such as dog and cat food and cat litter, for the many homeless animals that they care for and try to find homes for. Presently they are also investing in a sterilizations program and education at local schools to influence young children to treat animals better.

logo-ac-verticaal Hospice Arco Avent

This foundation exists 4 years now and nurses terminally ill adults. All work is done by volunteers.

Shimaruku logo 2_1024 Stichting Shimaruku

The work in the Seru Fortuna area where they provide warm meals for kids. Many of these children do not get adequate nutrition so Shimaruku aims to provide them with one nutritious meal a day.  In August 2016 they started a new project providing baby milk and to mothers on a weekly basis.



Siloam Children’s Hospice

For over 25 years this children’s hospice has taken care of terminally ill and sick children whose families cannot care for them. In 2016 they opened new facilities where they can accomodate up to 20 children from different age groups. Siloam also support 60 families in Banda Abou with a weekly food package, clothes and other items that are donated to them by local supermarkets, shops and private persons.

felis Stichting Felis

Felis is situated in Otrabanda where they provide daily after school care for 50 children between 4-13 years. They offer them a safe, structured, loving environment. Upon arrival the children receive a warm, healtly meal. They also offer help with homework, teach them moral values and of course there is time to play. Their goal is to keep these children of the street and help them to make a better life for themselves.



Stichting Equine Curaçao

Stichting Equine runs a program for teenagers with social and emotional problems to avoid drop-out from school. They support the teenagers after school with equi(horse)-therapy, creative therapy, social skills training and assistance with homework. Recently they opened a small restaurant where they learn how to cook nutrious meals and other restaurant techniques.

carf CARF 

They work for the stray animals. They foster and sterilize stray animals and animals in need. They also try to adopt them out to new homes. Their goal is to build a sanctuary to house these animals. Recently they started an education program at schools to make children more aware of animal welfare.

thumb_Stichting Dierenhulp_1024 Stichting Dierenhulp

This charity offers free sterilization for both cats and dogs. They have expanded their service to 6 sterilization locations around the island. 100% of the donations go towards the cost of the vet services for this procedure. There is a high demand for sterilization with currently a waiting time of 6-8 weeks. Their goal is to reduce this to about 3 weeks


thumb_Bayena i Dolfijn_1024

Bayena I Dolfein from the Dolphin Academy

The purpose of this project is to give every child in Curaçao the chance to learn more about whales, dolphins and marine life in a fun and educational way. In 2015 they were able to accommodate 48 classes, mostly underprivileged children. Their goal for 2016 is to accommodate 70 classes. The Club sponsors one underprivileged school class to attend the course.


sea turtle conservation

Sea Turltle Conservation Curaçao – a Carmabi Project

The program involves research, conservation and education and aims to protect the endangered sea turtles. Also clean ups on Klein Curacao and  other areas are organized, creating more awareness for the environment. They work closely together with international experts in this field.




Donation Enquiries

If you as a company or an individual would like to support our charity program, please do contact us as we welcome new partners to help us with this worthy endeavour.

If you as a charity or a foundation would like to apply for a donation from the Club, please us via  Britannic Club of Curacao or use the contact form on this site.